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A small sample of testimonials and reviews I have received over the years..

Learning the intricacies of CorelDRAW should not be this easy....Great work Scott & the team...I look forward to more releases....If you are balking at this program believing there to be a catch...THERE IS NONE!!!!....Get it & start expanding your use of Corel
Rod, Harlow Graphics, Australia

Learning the intricacies of CorelDRAW should not be this easy....Great work Scott & the team...I look forward to more releases....If you are balking at this program believing there to be a catch...THERE IS NONE!!!!....Get it & start expanding your use of Corel
Rod, Harlow Graphics, Australia

Loved the tutorials, so easy to follow along, very helpful, I was so lost - don't know what I would have done without it. Thank you for very well written easy to learn lessons.
Sharee, Embroidery Loft, Georgia

I must say, these are the best training CDs I have ever used and I've used a lot. I bought the whole series and so far, haven't been disappointed yet. They just get better. Actually, I bought two CDs first to see if they were worthwhile and I couldn't believe how much you get for the price! There are other training CDs available that are very good, but not nearly as good as these and they cost much more. Scott is a great teacher with a unique method of teaching. The lessons are fun and when you finish, you really feel accomplished and best of all, you actually retain what you've learned. If your objective is to learn everything there is about Corel Draw and PhotoPaint, I highly recommend these CDs. Thanks Scott!
Scottie Kania Wasilla, Alaska

Brilliant series. Learned heaps of extra tips and tricks. Very helpful indeed! Particularly loved the extra tutorial with Photopaint. Look forward to the next series!
Karen Grice Visual Impact

I am so happy to have this wonderful program. Every time I sit down with it I feel excited that I am learned instead of feeling the dread and anxiety I felt with all the books and training manuals I have. My husband and I feel it is put together in a totally professional way. I don't know your background, but what you have created is an excellent teaching tool as opposed the many of the programs that we have encountered, which have been put together by people who like what they do, and try to teach it, but don't have a teaching background or understanding of how people learn. Your training tool is so complete, between the visual and auditory tutorial and the reference manual and the task sheets, I am learning this program and i actually sit at my computer saying " I love this, I love this"......... It's been a long time since something I wanted didn't feel like a huge struggle, this is why I am expressing so much emotion.
Nancy USA

Dear are opening up years of happiness for me with your CD's .Gosh, I wish I could buy 20 more on draw and Photopaint ....and will as soon as they are produced. With much respect.
Ron Del Pino

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I had never used CorelDraw before but with "Clicknlearn" I was up and running almost instantly. The tutorials are clear, easy to follow and made REAL sense. Within hours I was doing work as good as you would see in any magazine. My wife is a professional corporate trainer/instructional designer with thirteen years experience in training and she said this is one of the best technical training programs she has seen.
Richard IconForest Tasmania

Just wanted to let you know I am thoroughly enjoying your CorelDRAW training. I bought a complete set of your lessons and I am almost complete with WorkPLACE READY training. It’s clear you’ve been training CorelDRAW for quite some time. I would think it would take years (and luck?) for a beginner like me to get this kind of access to expert knowledge. Even more, the instructional design of the course (demo/performance) combined with the software’s ability to repeatedly stop demos, practice, then return to the demo where you left off makes this training worth every cent!
Michael USA

Having used corel Draw from 9 onwards & now at X5, I thought I knew the program pretty well, reading the manual was tedious, & although there is plenty of free help out there it was always fragmented, & mostly never related to the work I was actually doing, if it did, I would spend too much time trying to find it again.
I am not one to purchase training programs but I knew that to get half way to mastering the power of corel Draw I would need help, I was introduced to Click-N-Learn through Signtools, another great aid to corel Draw, Click-N-Learn has opened my eyes, I can not believe how little of corel Draw I was using, & of what I was using, I was going the long way around, this learning program is useful for beginners & for all of us that think we know it, I find myself using this all the time as a reference as Scott has set it up so that it's not only a learning aid, but it's also a reference aid. I also purchased The Art of Modern Logo Design 2 & 3, if you want to work with images, learn how to do layouts with flair, work with text, colour's, these are best, all done so that you fully understand what is happening & more importantly how it is happening.
Had a few minor issues when I first purchased the lessons, however Scott personally rang me & had it sorted in no time, no fumblerling around with FAQ etc, that type of help you do not get anywhere. I would highly recommend Scotts products to all who want to know how to use corel Draw correctly & more importantly, be able to use it faster & easier.
Ian Hutchinson Sticker Wizard

I've used Corel Draw since version 2, but there is so much MORE to learn from your CD's.. I started with your special offer and had to go back for more. Though I thought I knew the product well, and all the ins and outs of it, I was wrong; there is so much more that makes my job as a web designer faster and easier now. Thanks and keep up the good work.
Marsha, Aloha Marketing, Hawaii

I asked my wife to purchase your training programs as a birthday gift, all that I can say is that it not only exceeded my expectations, but went light years beyond what I actually expected. My only question for you is simply this, will there be more coming?
Mark USA

Scott is a real master of CorelDRAW, and it shows in his training. There is a real lack of training programs and books for CorelDRAW and PhotoPaint, compared to what's available for other software. All of Scott's training more than make up for this lack. They are very complete and well worth the money. They're really all anyone needs to learn CorelDRAW. They have given me a renewed interest in CorelDRAW. I just wish there were more of them!!
Rita Miller

This is so cool! We are very impressed. This is a such an exciting thing you have developed and I hope it brings you much good fortune. Forgive me for gushing, I just have to let you know how relieved I am to have found your click and learn CD's. I have been looking for some training for my corel program for 1 1/2 years and spent a lot of money and energy on books and didn't get very far.

Hi Scott, Thank you very much for your quick response with the download. Well, I can already say that your lessons are addictive! I started last night with the ADVANCED and just couldn't' stop! I went to bed at about 1:30 in the morning.....It is just great!! Money well spent!!! THANK YOU for doing such a good job!

I have thoroughly enjoyed your training and am delighted at the explanations given as to why things are being done. While I have watched the videos many times I am still learning from them..As I am a little bit slow at picking; things up this is ideal way for me to learn. Thank you for the effort you put into this training. I will purchase other tutorials when I am finished with these.
Barb Grow

I am a man of few words and almost never give testimonials on products I purchase, Scott Georgeson's Click-N-Learn training videos is one of those exceptions. In minutes he starts to de mystify the Corel Draw/Photo Paint interface for you. Every video I watch (and I have almost all of them) I find myself saying ''THAT''S HOW YOU DO THAT!'' In short Scott Georgeson's videos are articulate, precise and to the point. His extensive use of keyboard shortcuts (many of which can be applied to other software applications) is worth the price of admission.
Marc DiLorenzo USA

Your Corel Draw training is outstanding and I have really enjoyed working through the series. Although I have watched other videos and have all the books, I still learned a lot with your on-line courses. I hope you create more courses... especially graphics relating to the engraving and sign industry.
Bob Stout

Scott's Corel Tutorials are most creative, informative, the best way to teach Corel I have ever found. This week seeing his tutorials, again and again, I had an EPIPHANY, it was the moment when I saw and I suddenly understood a clear and easy way to work with Corel. He is a great teacher, his show is very impressive, his stage has no curtains, and all thoughts, all good experience come to us directly, friendly, sincerely. His lessons become the best knowledge imperceptibly. Thanks again to a brilliant teacher.
Ileana Mihaela Romania

I started using Corel Draw at Version 3 so I suppose you could call me an advanced user although until now I have been self taught. I have found Click and Learn invaluable. It is a fast and effective way to learn Corel for beginners and advanced alike. It is informative, entertaining and addictive. It has opened up whole new parts of the program to me and saved me hours of time. It's the best money I've spent in a while.
Lisa Moffatt

It's just an incredible course. The Click-n-Learn concept is tremendous. You not only get to learn new methods, but can practice these methods several times so you retain them. There is a wonderful array of information presented, and conveyed in easy to understand terms. Thanks for making this available to us. God bless your endeavors and please keep me posted on new ventures. Thanks again,
Jennifer D'Costa

I have the Work Place Ready Training For CorelDraw, I use CorelDraw version 12. I think it's one of the best training disk that I have and I like the format. Yes I would get more when the I need them! Keep up the good work. Take care and keep the faith!
Allen H Price A&A Graphics

Hi Scott, I received my CD yesterday and I want you to know I think these are the absolute best. Until now, I thought VTC held that distinction, but not anymore. At any rate, thank you very much for getting them out so quickly to me. I'm sure you will be hearing from me again.
Scottie Kania Wasilla, Alaska

I think your Click-n-Learn lessons are very good. I enjoy the laid back approach and like the fact that little tips and wrinkles I hadn't discovered yet are peppered throughout the presentation. I am a CorelDraw 10 user (which I graduated to from Paint Shop Pro) and I find your approach very intuitive.
I have just put a website together, the artwork for which was all done using CorelDraw and CorelPaint.
This is more of a hobby for me at the moment but I am hoping it will develop. I have already started work on rebuilding the site.
Going back to Click-n-Learn. I work for a company that is linked to a system called 'click2train' which is a similar concept to yours and designed for Microsoft Office Applications. It is good but I think it would benefit from your style of presentation and have said as much when asked for feedback.
Thank you for the tantalizing tit bits you have posted on the web so far.
John Brackenborough

Your passion for your work shows and sets you apart from the rest. Even though I am not a new user of CorelDraw I signed up for the workplace training course and was not disappointed. I found myself saying all through it "I didn't know that!" I have been a fan since I stumbled upon your CorelDraw effect series. There is no way I would have been able to utilize all that CorelDraw is capable of without your courses. I like your method of teaching using projects that inspire. Thank you so much Scott, for your work.
Lynn Capps - Oregon USA

Having used Corel Draw since version 3, struggling for hours learning the program and then learning their new technical names in each version. I am absolutely thrilled to have your CorelDRAW package. CorelDRAW has become a brand new program once again, I truly enjoy using it once more. No more hours to do something as simple as a jigsaw puzzle. This is absolutely the best educational/tutorial learning I have ever encountered. Don't stop producing, You deserve a A++++++ for the wonderful work you have put into this. I still can't understand why advertising people are still in love with there Macs and other design programs... CorelDRAW does it all.
Andrew & Judy Northern Echo Computer Sales & Service

Hi ya Scott....
The way in which you teach is as though your sitting next to me ....there seems to be no script but just say it as it is ......there are some mistakes in what your saying and you correct yourself as you go ...and that is what makes it so real and not to stuffy......hope you know what I mean .......On some lessons i just use the voice over and try and keep in front of you works well and makes me get to grips with what I have just learnt.......Well as I have got all the CDs I have a lot to learn, but I'm going in leaps and bounds now......
Well anyway it's a great way to learn. Thanks Mike Rawlinson .

I received the CD in the mail today. Once I started watching I couldn't stop. I watched the series of demonstrations through in one sitting. I found the instructions on pre press and going to print just great and very easy to understand, thanks very much Scott and team. Can't wait for more..
Tony Moor - Australia

I would like to say that your CD's has been the best learning source I have found - ever, and I have tried them all. I have been telling everyone I know who uses Corel to get your CDs. Up until a few weeks ago I had never heard of your CDs. I have been using CorelDRAW since 1994 (V3) and I have learnt more from your CDs in the last few weeks than in the last few years !!! I am looking forward to your future CDs.
Paul Fantasy Prints

I can't tell you how excited I was after going through the first lesson. I had to load another, then another. I started around 5:00pm when I got home from work. I was up until 1:00am. I was overwhelmed with the abundant and USEFUL information which I found inside. Thank you very much for your commitment to CorelDRAW. You have done a fabulous job of explaining the power of this program in a way that anyone could understand it.
Jeff Williamson Kansas City, MO

I bought one of the click n learn CD's to see what the CD's were like, I was so impressed I bought the whole series. If you use Corel draw, you really need to get these CD's. Great work Scott.
Greg Thompson

Dear are opening up years of happiness for me with your CD's .Gosh, I wish I could buy 20 more on draw and Photopaint ....and will as soon as they are produced. With much respect.
Ron Del Pino

A simply brilliant teaching method - easy to understand, entertaining & interesting. Have been a Corel user since v3, and never before have I established [& learnt] so many alternative methods & features. For example, the blur [zoom] feature & the painting out of part of the original image featured in PhotoPaint vol 3 has already produced an advert for a client using this feature. Keep up the good work Scott - I am always awaiting your next CD.
Steve Russell Stour Design UK

Scott, I'm sure other folks have told you this but you are an excellent teacher. I like the fact that the series isn't "Hollywood" slick. The lessons are fun and you demonstrate many little tricks that only an experienced Corel user would understand. Also, you haven't forgotten what it's like to be a beginner Corel user and that very valuable for me. The CD approach is very user friendly and the ability to stop and restart the lessons is so useful, especially since I've been using a computer for only about18 months.
Sandy Weldon Los Gatos, CA

I want to thank all the people at Clicknlearn for such a quality learning system. As a sign artist, I thought I was good, but your Clicknlearn Cd's have shown me how to scratch past the surface of "ordinary" and soar in to an expanded dimension of creativity in art. Thank you!

Well, this is the most fantastic tuition I've ever encountered with any computer related subject, and I've written some very large programs in my time. After I watched twice, and subscribed, my wife and three kids also watched it and understood more than they ever have before. Well done Scott, you're a champion son.
Jeff White Im-Press Promotions Australia

Hi Scott I'm addicted to your training. I've played so many I'm starting to speak Australian. Your instruction is brilliant. Man, I am so glad I bought that first one. Ever since I've been using Corel more than Adobe. I wasn't even going to upgrade, but now I am. I'm eagerly awaiting more.
Matthew Wheeler USA

Well, I must say these are the most intuitive and inspirational teaching tools around. I am not sure what is better, a teacher standing next to you, or one of these CD's showing you everything you need to know. I have just recently purchased. I learned more in the first 2 min. than I have in the last two months. Nothing compares to the value you get by purchasing this training. They are relatively inexpensive yet very essential. I will be purchasing more, as I am sure they will only get better and better. My recommendation: Buy as many as you can....... It puts a "real" life aspect on designing.
Jason Lancaster, Texas USA

Just completed the first volume and I'm hooked. I am a Technical Instructor and I feel the teaching techniques are excellent. Great job! I plan on purchasing more.
Art Mclaren NMC - Prairie Island

I have your CorelDRAW training and I have been working my way through them. Just want you to know how fantastic they are. I have also struggled through the boring tutorials provided with Quark and Photoshop, and have a terrible time not only getting through them and retaining anything I've learned, but it's so difficult to even stay interested because the Click N Learn format has spoiled me. Thanks so much for an excellent product.
Kate Ryan Kate Ryan Design

I'm the kind of person who has to see to believe. The Click N Learn training has changed my way of looking at CorelDRAW. I'm for the most part self taught in Corel for about 5 years. I don't like reading the tech manuals, they're much too dry. Your Training has personality. It's like have a private tutor anytime I need one. I can ask you the same questions over and over and never feel guilty because I might be bothering someone. Thanks Scott .... and please don't ever give this up. I have every Click N Learn that's been ingeniously and painstakingly created by you and your constituents. I appreciate your past and continuing efforts. Thanks so much.
Paul Peterson, AKA "cybernut", Sacramento, Ca.

I can't tell you how much I enjoy your Corel Draw program. You make learning so very easy. I know at my age, I have slowed down, and I am able to repeat the lessons over and over again until I remember them. And best yet, there is no one around to tell me how slow I am. Just wanted to let you know. Don't know what I will ever do with Corel Draw once I learn how to use it; but I enjoy the learning experience.
Michael Brooks

I would be more than lost without your wonderful CD's. I bought three books, and one confused me more than the other. Even "CorelDRAW 9 for Dummies" is boring and difficult to stick with. Your CD's make learning a snap. Just like being in a classroom with a live instructor.

I have viewed the first 6 CD's on contours, blends and extrusions, and would like to say that I am totally impressed both with the material covered and the way that it is presented. I have read many Corel books and have been subscribing to a magazine for the past 4 years, but have learned a great deal more in the past several days from your CD's. There are so many tools and features in Corel that the hobbyist like myself would never have discovered had it not been for your teaching approach.
Corel has taken on a new meaning for me.
Bill Burgess, Canada

Scott, one could never believe how much fun I have had with your Contours volume 1 C. D. I Have done every exercise there many times. Am on only 32 RAM....Your Click and Learn C. CD's are easily the very best Corel Draw learning tool to come along yet. And I have tried them all. Not only do I learn the specific subject of your C. D. but always pick up some valuable techniques about other things in Draw.
John Reaves

At last a reasonably priced course with a clear and invigorating dialogue. I don't know why but over the years of studying and passing numerous exams,some fairly technical, I have always found that I do better with piccies and being shown, something to do with the hemispheres of the brain I'm told, which luckily also helps me to be artistic. I have been bedazzled with CorelDRAW ever since version duh! was it one? I have a couple of books on it and Photopaint, but this is definitely the way to go. All the best and all my support, I'll grab the lot. Regards,
Raymond. Blackwood Studios Australia

My Vol-8 arrived yesterday, and I'm very pleased! It continues the high quality and creative potential shown in the other cd's. My work has improved geometrically since I started your learning program As an subscriber, I'm looking forward to future editions.
Buddy Myers

"You're Simply The Best!" - excuse me for pinching someone else's line but I couldn't put it any better. I have just purchased my second Click N Learn CD and am amazed at just what I have learnt in so short a time. I can't wait to buy some more. I have been using CorelDRAW from version 3 and have been searching since then for just the right kind of training package. Now I have found it I am never letting go! Thank you so much.
Sue Newby England

What can I say, I've used CorelDRAW since version 3 and after years of frustration and sometimes hard graft at trying to understand some of the more complex tools with both Draw and Paint, you have managed to penetrate my grey matter within weeks since using the CorelDRAW series of CD/ROM tuition.
Thanks very much for a much appreciated way of learning CorelDRAW
Derek Hunton

Dear Sir/Madam. I must congratulate you for the excellent work you do with this series of click n learn. I did not know half of the things you can do with Corel draw. My subscription is still good for another 6 issues. I can't wait to receive the next CD,Vol.7. Keep up the good work
Wally Scharf Scharf Comp. Australia

Little did I realize "WHAT A FIND" I had made in the local newsagent when I purchased one of these Clicknlearn CorelDRAW CDs. This has just got to be the Best method of graphics training I have come across. I heartily congratulate all involved and highly recommend to everyone that this is the way to learn and explore CorelDRAW. Waiting with anticipation for more, more, more.....
David Gosling D&D Printing Pty Ltd Australia Victoria

"Within hours of purchasing CorelDRAW Blends Vol 2.a by Click n learn, from my local newsagent, I had learnt more than I had from months of studying the Corel manuals and running the program tutorials! I'm hooked and can't wait for the rest of my subscription!"
Edward Ashley, EmEna Pty Ltd.(Graphic Vinyl Signs and Modelling Decals.) Australia

This is a brilliant learning medium. These CD ROMs combine great education and great entertainment - a wonderful formula. Keep up the good work.
Peter Dervan University College Dublin Ireland

I have literally spent thousands of dollars on hardware, software, and books (lots of books) to try and teach myself the fundamentals of exceptional graphic design. I had bought CorelDRAW 8 when it first came out. I bought some books and spent a number of hours trying to wade through the program. The books were poorly written and terribly proofread. I gave up in frustration and moved on to the "A" competition even though their books were just as bad. When CorelDRAW 9 came out, I upgraded and hoped I would not have to spend too much time learning the program. Once again, the latest and greatest how to books fell far short of their promises. So, I put CorelDRAW back on the shelf again to gather more dust. When I got the notice that version 10 was coming out, I through it in the garbage as I heard about the financial problems Corel was going through. I stumbled across your site by accident during a search on the web. Intrigued, I downloaded your demo copies. I liked what I saw and decided to give it a try. After ordering your Photopaint series, I have now ordered your complete Draw series as well. You are hands down, the best computer graphics trainer I have ever run across. I am extremely grateful and am finally learning what I should have learned a long time ago. Keep up the great work! You should be getting paid by Corel for your promotion of its products . I would not have upgraded to CorelDRAW 10 if it wasn't for your training series.
CAPT Randell Smith

I LOVE your CDs! I have every single one and I am always sad when I get to the end of a newly released CD because I know that will be it for a while until the next one gets published.
I will always be a faithful follower. I do think your CDs are the best thing out there as far as training goes, for any software product. Thank you for all the time and effort that goes in to each one!
Leslie Davidson

The CDs are absolutely brilliant. I commute to work each day on the train (1 hour each way) and what better way to pass the time than updating my skills (which are pretty basic) with CorelDRAW. Am looking forward to completing the series of 12 CDs just purchased, at which time I will most definitely be subscribing for future Lessons.
Cliff Hobson Technical Horizons Pty Ltd

Awesome Concept I just purchased and received Extrusions Vol 3a. I wanted to order one CD just to see what all the excitement was about and after I watched the CD the first time I found out. This is a state-of-the-art training concept. Being a Corel trainer myself I know how hard it is to cover a vast amount of material with your students and have them retain enough of that information to become a more proficient user of CorelDRAW. The concept of being able to watch an exercise, pause it, try a segment yourself and then return to the CD for more instruction is excellent. I plan to purchase as many of the CD's as possible to expand my skills with CorelDRAW which in the long run will make me a better CorelDRAW trainer. Thanks Click-N-Learn
Jim Cormier Square One Graphics USA CA

Having used CorelDRAW in business for over 3 years, your tutorial CD's are like a gift from heaven. We are one of the few sign companies to actually do graphic art, logos, and business cards. Its always been a case of learn as you go, and because of this, it has tended to give us a "certain style", which is OK, but we are always in need of fresh ideas. Having your CD's is like having a teacher right in the room, and one that doesn't mind being interrupted, stopped and asked to repeat things over until its understood. Only one question "where would you like the apple sent"? Anyone with CorelDRAW, who doesn't get your CD's is missing out big time.
John Lyus - Managing Director, Appealing Signs & Graphics, Perth Western Australia

We love your CDs! They have given us some great ideas and have taught us some new techniques that we put into use immediately. Looking forward to future issues. On that note, we were wondering if you have or plan to put out CDs on color management, printing color separations, etc.?
Trent Andres Image Press Canada

Just purchased your recent CD (Blends 2.a), They are turning out quite helpful and I will send a subscription in sometime after Christmas when my bank account revives. My boss has had no in house graphics package, so I finally convinced him to get Corel Draw, to see you using a latter version of Draw not only does it help with tips & tricks, but to see the functionality and new features as compared with my older version gives me a first look at Draw before my boss sticks the graphics system in my face and says "Right!! off you go" I'm a learn as you go guy, with no formal training, started with Draw 3.
Merv Archer Australia

These CD's are a real boon to my business - they give a more in-depth approach. With most graphics software sporting so many features now, manuals and guides rarely give you a true sense of what these features are really capable of. The detail with which Contours and Blends have been dealt with is refreshing and helps me make my time more productive. Good stuff!!
Oliver Rozsnay, Victoria, Australia, Company: A CLOSER LOOK

Hi, Just dropping a note to let you know I am very happy with your lessons. Keep up the good work. I've done plenty of reading over the years, but your lessons have really been an eye opener. Thanks for your great service.
Henry Schmidt.

I have enjoyed all of your lessons very much and congratulate you on a great product. One of the most appealing things for me, a rank amateur, is watching somebody who is so knowledgeable and who still makes occasional mistakes. I don't feel quite so Corel-illiterate as I had and always look forward to the next exciting episode. (Sounds like a serial, doesn't it?!)
Margaret Colquhoun Australia

Where do I begin? Okay at the top, I don't think I can add anymore to the other testimonials I have just read. All of them are exactly right with what they wrote. I just started back at Graphic Design, had to stop and raise my son, it took priority, but now he is on his way and I AM BACK. I don't think I would have known where to start if it hadn't been for your CD's instruction and aid. I bought them all and am awaiting your CD on Shaping and Weld. I watch them and study them everyday. I thank you and your staff for being so diligent in compiling the best information needed for the CorelDRAW. Thank you.
Sharen Custer, NY USA

I received the first 6 CD's about a week or so ago and I am really pleased with them. You have a special gift for teaching and give us inspiration to try new things. You have saved me much time and frustration in frumbling my way through as I know so many others have had to do in the past.
Margaret & Steve Shaffer

I've gone though the first CD and I must say I really really like the way you teach. I own a few CorelDRAW tutorial VCR tapes/CDs and they're very boring to watch. The reasons I like your method is ....the way you explain/talk is so friendly it keeps me wanting to learn, plus you give many little extra tips about other areas of Draw and you have a regular guy type of feeling (Not.. some Mr. Know it all) to your lessons. I'll explain... You make deliberate little mistakes just like we all do and this gives a feeling that it is OK (we're not all perfect) plus I like that you didn't stop the movie and you explained that it may take some time for the computer to draw the techniques that is a very REAL part of learning and using CorelDRAW. I have watched the first CD about four times and I keep picking up more each time. I've also re-created a few of your demos on my own, ...I will be starting the next set of lessons in the next few days and I look forward to learning with you and your wonderful, very real and friendly teaching methods. Talk to you soon....teach
Mike Basil. Michael's Electric USA

Your series is awesome! I am a beginner to IT graphics and have chosen Corel Draw (starting with version 9). Your way of teaching beats grinding through the books by miles. Thankyou for producing the series.

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! You have helped me more than any book has and I usually learn quite easily from books. Corel however, is more complicated than some of my programming. I appreciate so much how everything is so clearly explained with an example on the screen. The instruction is clear, concise and excellent. I am not new to Corel as I started with version 4. Thanks to you I now know more then I ever did.
Barb Henry, Oregon USA

Wow thanks. It was great. You are not only a graphic arts genius but a brilliant teacher. Love the CDs! Look forward to them each month. But is there a way I can get images of what's on each one. I'm loosing track of them
Heather Matthews

I just want to let you know that I love your CDs. I have all of them to date, and they are great!!! They've taught me allot on how to use CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT . Thanks again.
Joffre Rainville ,Canada

I´m sure you get a lot of positive comments about your products. Well this is another one, it is simply very, very good. Please work harder to produce more CD´s!
Johan Crona Private Label AB Sweden

Hello Scott, I can't begin to tell you how much your Click & Learn CD Vol. 1 Contours Has helped me to understand the power and usefulness of that effects tool. I have been Using CorelDRAW since version 4. I am not a graphics designer by any means. I just use It for my own personal enjoyment. I have spent tons of money on books, magazines, and Videotapes in an attempt to better understand the capabilities of CorelDRAW. If I had to Pick out the single most important feature in your tutorial it would have to be the in-depth Explanation as to "why" we are asked to click on this or change that setting. You don't take For granted that I already know. Lets face it, if I knew "why" then I wouldn't need your CD's
Kenneth Picazio USA

A novel concept combined with a good teacher. To sit in the comfort of your home and gain knowledge that would have otherwise cost hundreds of dollars, is in my opinion a divine gift. I must say that the teaching technique of Scott Georgeson has no room for improvement. Just as advertised, the feeling is of a teacher sitting right next to you. And you can make him repeat the lesson as many times as you like, without fear of extra homework or detention. My best compliments to Scott and Clicknlearn.
Behram Cooper Australia

I have your first 3 CD'S . I'm not that great with graphics ( the kids are much better , so what else is new? )...I am absolutely stunned by the quality of the product and the naturalness of the speaker , it is as if he/you were talking directly to me. I love the easy manner. I shall be placing a subscription with you shortly....Err that is, if the children will give me a pay rise!!!...laughs...
Eddy Davis Australia

I just received the CD-ROM's (Blends 2 a, b and c, and Extrusion 3a), and have been viewing them. I've learned quite a bit just by viewing. Your teaching and explanation is very good and helpful. In fact, I've learned how to better utilize other tools in Corel Draw. I must say that the effects you bring forth are truly amazing. I just came back from a two day seminar and just because I viewed your CD-ROM's I was able to give some information about (rotating on a path). (It made me sound like I was quite knowledgeable).
Madge Haynes USA

While browsing in a news agent, I came across your click n learn CD. The CD was a huge surprise and I promptly subscribed. I have the full set, and look forward to each new one. As a Newbie to graphics and having made no headway via books etc, I'm now making excellent progress. The main change in my approach is that I now find myself looking at commercial graphics and figuring out how I could do them. Well done, and keep up the good work. Thanks
Graeme Lewis.Australia

Scott, I'm really enjoying using your CD's on Blends. Did ~20 variations on a logo for a friend (I'm trying to sell him on Corel & your CD's). It's like turning on the gets your feet wet & then you dive in! It was the catalyst I needed. I have several great books on Corel, but all the reading didn't produce anything....just frustration. When I tried to do something out of a book, it didn't work out....a step was missing, or I'm just blind. I don't know how I found out about your product, but I'm sure a lot of Corel users here would love them if they only knew. I'll let everyone know about them, including some local colleges that have graphics courses using Corel. I would very much like to see you succeed, and will continue to purchase them as they become available. All the best,
Cal McGaugh Ca USA

In a capturing 40-minute lesson I learned more about Corel Draw than I have in a year. I tend to do the same things all the time, using my tools of comfort. The lesson opened my eyes to tips and techniques I didn't even know existed. Corel Draw can be quite complicated, but the lessons explain concepts, which makes it easy! I recommend the series to everyone.
Pam Sybrandy Ca USA

HI, I have just purchased a copy of Corel Vol 2a, ' fantastic'.
Patrick Hay New South Wales

I am on my way to be a graphic designer, I ordered all the cds and they really tought me more than school. I would like to see more, and more on other aspects that Corel Draw such as Photo Paint. Also you guys are so good you could teach other parts like, printing and how to do this for a living like I am. All though I'm in school I still would by the CD's, thanks.
Dru Bishop

I've just been through your 'CorelDRAW Insight' CD, and it's excellent...well done. It is much like having my own tutor at home. The CD is a great concept.
Joanne. Australia

I have now bought the second CD i.e. Blends and continue to be impressed with the simplicity and style of delivering information on what could otherwise be a fairly complex set of procedures. I have also developed a better understanding of the purpose and use of some of the Corel Draw tools ie bezier and interactive transparency tools which are used in your demonstrations. I find your method more practical and easier to understand than the " Help" files provided with the Corel Draw applications. I look forward to receiving these CDs each month and will be making a periodic subscription in the next week or so.
Ian Andrews. Australia

I have just played through lesson one of your great product CorelDRAW insight and am very impressed. Books are very informative but it is easy to get lost. Using motion graphics and voice beats text and pictures every time. Once again, Great product.
Peter Compton, Jandakot, Western Australia

Congratulations for your initiative. I just bought your "Corel Draw Insight" Volume 1. I learnt more in one hour with your CD than with any other book. I am looking forward to the next Volume.
Daniel Debono Australia

Purchased your "Effects" Volume 1 Contours Insight, found it a great way of learning.
Solveig Australia

Well Done! I have just purchased your fist volume of effects...... it's great thank you for thinking of it. I look forward to the next volume. Do you teach anywhere?
Annemarie Australia

Have just purchased your Corel Draw CD and have enjoyed it very much and will subscribe as I think it is great value.
Ian Faulkner Australia