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Who is Scott Georgeson..

Scott is the official creator of the Corel DRAW video tutorials found on the X4, X5 and X6 Corel DRAW DVD's and Youtube! Scott was contracted by Corel Corporation to head the video training process and produce suitable video tutorials in 13 languages.

Please Note: All the Videos sold on this site are in English.

Scott has now impacted over 100,000 Corel DRAW Users world wide in all of the following industries:

| Graphic Design | Sign Cutting | Wide Format Printing | Screen Printing | Embroidery | Engraving | T shirt Design & layout | Web Page Development | Mapping | Planning | Scientific Writing | Cartooning | Magazine layouts | Spray painting | Printing | Desktop Publishing | Balloon Printing |

Corel DRAW Templates to wrap cars
  Car & truck templates for Corel DRAW
   Lifetime downloads!

Our Price: $399.00

CorelDRAW suitable car, truck, vehicle templates and wrap graphics. 12 MONTHS unlimited access and downloads!


Not only do you have access to all the vehicle templates but an array of additional graphics, clipart, sign designs, vehicle wrap graphics etc.. this product is brilliant value!


Corel DRAW Car N Truck Templates and Vehicle Wraps
  Corel DRAW car and truck templates + DVD
   Plus 12 months download

Our Price: $129.00

Corel DRAW suitable car and truck templates and vehicle wrap graphics.


The 70,000+ templates are in vector format and work perfectly in Corel DRAW. The additional downloadable clipart, sign designs, vehicle wrap graphics etc.. make this product outstanding in quality and value!


Learn Corel DRAW with this easy to follow training program
Bundle Pack - WorkPlace Ready + CorelWORLD
 (8 Hours) Corel DRAW TUTORIALS

Usual Combined price: $168.00

Bundle Price: $84.00 - WOW !

Savings: $84.00

Corel DRAW tutorials pack ( Great Value) -

I created this Corel DRAW Tutorials bundle by popular demand. It has my primary course (Workplace READY) and for only $10 more I have included my CorelWORLD Real Life Videos.

This tutorials pack Includes:
- WorkPLACE Ready
- Corel WOLRD Real Life Videos
- 8 hours of Amazing quality Corel DRAW tutorial videos

Corel DRAW tutorials to Learn Corel Draw in 24 hours. For Corel DRAW beginners to intermediate users.
Corel DRAW Tutorials for the WorkPLACE
 (5.5 Hours) of Corel DRAW TUTORIALS

Usual Price: $99.00

Discounted Price: $49.00

Savings: $50.00


Corel DRAW WorkPLACE Ready Training - (Basics to Intermediate).

This Corel DRAW Tutorials video course replaces my 5 day in house training program that cost $1600.
I have designed this course for beginners to learn Corel DRAW from scratch and for intermediate users to improve speed and work flow. I will teach you the power of CorelDRAW, its many hidden tools and secrets and get you ready to make money. More tips and tricks than you thought possible!
I recommend you complete this course before starting the "Art Of Modern Logo Design " course.

Learn CorelDRAW with this fantastic bundle of Click-N-Learn Corel DRAW Tutorials.
Corel DRAW Tutorials - Bundle ALL Pack
 (15.5 Hours) CorelDRAW TUTORIALS

Usual Combined price: $317.00

Bundle Price: $99.00 - WOW !

Savings: $218.00


CorelDRAW tutorials bundle pack (Best Value)

If you are serious about learning CorelDRAW this CorelDRAW tutorials bundle pack is your best option.

This bundle Includes:
- WorkPLACE Ready
- The entire Modern Art Of Logo Design series.
- My CorelWORLD Conference Real Life videos .
- 15.5 hours of Amazing quality CorelDRAW tutorials.