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Corel DRAW Fonts - (Awesome Fonts)


Below are my personal choice of premium fonts to use with Corel DRAW. I have personally used every font here with Corel DRAW and they all perform flawlessly as you would expect. I used each font in Corel DRAW X6 to create these Font Manuals for you in a PDF format which I then converted to FLIP books.


Wait for this frame to populate with my Favorite Corel DRAW Friendly Font Collections.
Click a book to open and view the fonts - ( May take 10 Seconds to display )
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Complete Corel DRAW font collection 153 OpenType styles. Scotts choice - A premium CorelDRAW Font Collection of 82 OpenType font styles. Scotts choice - A premium CorelDRAW Font Collection of 83 OpenType font styles.

153 OpenType font styles

I have used each of these fonts and tested their scalability and accuracy for working with Corel DRAW. They are beautifully presented and work as expected. Because these fonts are of an OpenType format they will work with all your Windows and MAC programs. .

82 OpenType font styles

This collection of fonts comes from my personal use of these fonts with CorelDRAW. I like the creativity this collection offers, the combination of modern fonts and old style fonts with a modern look provide a lot of opportunity to design. I hope you enjoy them too.

55 OpenType font styles

The 'Her Pix' collection of fonts comes from my wife's (Julie) personal use of these fonts with Corel DRAW. "I believe I have put together a great blend of elegant, fun and creative looking fonts, perfect for the progressive designer".
The Old Style Corel DRAW font collection of 16 OpenType styles. The Architectural CorelDRAW Font Collection of 12 OpenType font styles.

16 OpenType font styles

A wonderful hand selected group of fonts with an old style look and feel yet magically modern. Corel DRAW Font friendly in every way. I have had no issues using these Fonts with Corel DRAW and find them to be as easy to use as Corel supplied fonts

12 OpenType font styles

The Architectural collection is a new take on an old theme. This is a hand chosen set of Architecturally styled fonts with a modern twist. What a great addition to your Existing CorelDRAW font Collection.